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The Compound in the USA

Updated: Mar 6

The Compound in the USA,

The compound is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide liquidity in the ecosystem. Users can not only borrow money against a deposit, they can entrust their funds to the liquidity pool themselves and thus generate some passive income. The current effective annual interest that you get on Compound for different assets can be found directly on the website Cryptocurrency USA & Binance. The borrow corresponds to the rate that investors have to pay for a loan, so it is of no interest to us. The supply is what interests us, as it is the rate of return that investors can expect on lending their own money. For the most part, the interest reminds you of what you get on your savings account. The hype surrounding cannot be denied. Many investors have deposited their Compound as security in order to collect the currently very limited rate. In total, only 0.2 % of the total amount of Compound is currently in circulation. Compound pays borrowers and lenders on a daily basis. This is currently the only way to earn a Compound. In addition, other tokens can also be deposited. In addition, the community can use their compounds to decide whether and which tokens can be deposited next as security.

The Compound in the USA
The Compound in the USA

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The compound has had a dream start and the debut could provide further positive impulses. In its basic idea, Compound occupies a growth market, which offers great potential with manageable competition. So it doesn't take a lot of imagination for further price gains.

Interest is paid on deposits in cryptocurrencies. The industry is booming, most recently the mark of billion US dollars in volume was taken. The majority of this goes to solutions. The compound, on the other hand, is designed as a Defi, where recipients of crypto loans come together directly and in a decentralized manner without a central intermediary. Accordingly, Compound was able to take over the top position in this sector from the start and now ties up m