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How to buy Harvest finance Coin?

How to buy Harvest finance Coin?

Fellow Binancians,

Binance will list Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) and Harvest Finance (FARM) in the Innovation Zone and will open trading for ALPACA/BTC, ALPACA/BNB, ALPACA/BUSD, ALPACA/USDT, FARM/BTC, FARM/BNB, FARM/BUSD and FARM/USDT trading pairs at 2021-08-11 08:00 AM (UTC).

Users can now start depositing ALPACA and FARM in preparation for tradin

Create an account:

%20 Kickback code: EEFIBMGM

%10 Binancefutures discount code: 48162505


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How to buy Harvest finance Coin?
How to buy Harvest finance Coin?

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Withdrawals for ALPACA and FARM will open at 2021-08-12 08:00 AM (UTC)

Note: The withdrawal open time is an estimated time for users’ reference. Users can view the actual status of withdrawals on the withdrawal page.

ALPACA and FARM Listing Fee: 0 BNB.

What is Harvest Finance (FARM)?

Harvest Finance is a yield aggregator platform, which seeks to maximize yield for assets deposited into Harvest vaults across the Defi ecosystem. FARM is the native token of the protocol and is used for network governance, distributing profits generated to liquidity providers and rewarding users for staking the token.


The Innovation Zone is a dedicated trading zone where users are able to trade new, innovative tokens that are likely to have higher volatility and pose a higher risk than other tokens.

Before being able to trade in the Innovation Zone, all users are required to visit the web version of the Innovation Zone trading page to carefully read the Binance Terms of Use and complete a questionnaire as part of the Initial Disclaimer. Please note that there will not be any trading restrictions on trading pairs in the Innovation Zone.

ALPACA and FARM are relatively new tokens that pose a higher than normal risk, and as such will likely be subject to high price volatility. Please ensure that you exercise sufficient risk management, have done your own research in regards to ALPACA’s fundamentals, and fully understand the project before opting to trade the token.

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