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How to buy Stepn (GMT) Coin? Binance Launchpad Pre-sale

How to buy Stepn (GMT) Coin? Binance Launchpad Pre-sale

Greetings, Binance launchpad has developed a new project, Stepn (GMT) pre-sale will take place. By holding BNB in ​​your account, you will wait for your average for 7 days. At the end of 7 days, the higher your average, the more BNB you will get by locking Stepn (GMT). Once the listing is complete, you can start trading your GMTs on Binance. You can see how you can participate in the Stepn (GMT) pre-sale in our article.

How to buy Stepn (GMT) Coin? Binance Launchpad Pre-sale
How to buy Stepn (GMT) Coin? Binance Launchpad Pre-sale

How to buy Stepn (GMT)? Pictorial and video narration:

1. Keep BNB in ​​your account for the specified period. (If you do not have a Binance account, you can open a subscription by clicking here)

2. Your daily average will be taken on the system.

3. Lock BNB as much as your average and wait for the coin distribution (BNBs you have locked will be deducted from your account, instead of their value, Stepn (GMT) will be given)

4. After the Stepn (GMT) listing you have earned is complete, you can start trading.

Binance is excited to announce its 28th project on Binance Launchpad - STEPN (GMT). The token sale for STEPN will follow the Launchpad subscription format with registration of user BNB balances starting at 2022-03-02 00:00 AM (UTC).

Binance will record user BNB balances for 7 days from 2022-03-02 00:00 AM (UTC) to 2022-03-09 00:00 AM (UTC). The final BNB holding amount for each user will be determined as an average of 7 days using the Average Daily BNB Balance calculation previously announced here.

GMT Token Sale Details:

Icon Name: STEPN - Green Metaverse Token (GMT)

Launchpad Hard Cover: $4,200,000 USD

Hard Cover Per User: $15,000 (1,500,000 GMT)

Total Token Supply: 6,000,000,000 GMT

Total Tokens Allocated to Binance Launchpad: 420,000,000 GMT (7% of Total Token Supply)

Public Sale Token Price: 1 GMT = 0.01 USD (Price in BNB will be determined prior to subscription)

Token Sale Format: Subscription

Supported Sessions: BNB only

Subscription Timeline:

Preparation Period 2022-03-02 00:00 AM (UTC) - 2022-03-09 00:00 AM (UTC): During this period, user BNB balances will be calculated as hourly snapshots for each day over a 7-day period. . Your final average daily BNB balance during these 7 days will then determine the maximum amount of BNB you can commit.

Subscription Period 2022-03-09 06:00 AM (UTC) - 2022-03-09 09:00 AM (UTC): The subscription will now be unlocked for a period of 3 hours for all eligible users. Users must also sign the Token Purchase Agreement before committing their BNB. Please note that once committed, your BNB will be locked and you will not be able to use or access other functions such as transfers, withdrawals or trading until the final token distribution.

Calculation Period 2022-03-09 09:00 AM (UTC) - 2022-03-09 10:00 AM (UTC): Subscription closes and token allocation calculation begins.

Final Token Distribution 2022-03-09 10:00 AM (UTC): Your final token allocation will be calculated and the corresponding BNB will be deducted from your already locked BNB. Once dropped, both your GMT and BNB tokens will be transferred to your spot wallet.

Your Binance 20% Commission discount code: JL3MPH7U

Your 10% Commission discount code for Binance futures: 48162505

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