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Projects take advantage of Chainlink technology

Updated: Mar 28

Projects take advantage of Chainlink technology

Chainlink is printing a new all-time high as more and more projects take advantage of its system. Chainlink's exchange rate development is shown in (EUR), (CHF) and (USD). The time interval can be adjusted manually. The displayed Chainlink course is updated every 2 seconds.

Cryptocurrencies are currently breaking all records, but plans with a more serious background can also look forward to strong price increases these days. Right at the forefront: Chainlink. The token of the decentralized network of the same name also set an all-time high this week, surpassing the 50 dollar mark for the first time. At the time of going to press, LINK is trading at 48.60 again, in a 24-hour comparison.

More And More Projects Rely On Chainlink

The development of the Chainlink course corresponds in time with a series of messages that testify to the growth of the Chainlink technology. More and more projects are using Chainlink to feed their contracts with off-chain. On the one hand, this involves reliable price information for projects in the field of finance. Because Chainlink is in principle compatible with every system. For example, Chainlink announced new partnerships with the exchange WOWswap, which is based on the Binance smart chain.

In addition to the decentrally determined price, another Chainlink system is enjoying growing popularity: Verifiable Random Function is a system of random numbers that is said to be particularly resistant to manipulation. Especially in the boom sector of tokens , more and more projects are using Chainlink VRF.D-Some gaming platforms use VRF for example, to enable new functions such as the creation of random rewards for missions. Upshot, a new platform that uses crowdsourcing to determine prices, has also recently started using Chainlink.

The above Chainlink integrations were all announced within the past seven days. The news, which testify to a steadily growing adoption of the partnerships, may have contributed to the fact that the LINK price has reached an all-time high.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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