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Norton's new feature enables users to mine cryptocurrency securely

Updated: Mar 28

Norton's new feature enables users to mine cryptocurrency securely

The cybersecurity company Norton has announced a new feature that enables users to securely mine cryptocurrency on their platform. How can crypto mining be made as secure as possible? The PC is often exposed to attacks of malware or ransomware. The IT security Norton is introducing a new integration in this regard. On June 2, the company announced in a press release the introduction of a new mining function that works in conjunction with the 360 Security Suite. Starting today, June 3rd, selected Norton customers will be invited to mine cryptocurrency with the new interface as part of the early adopter.

Will Norton Soon Find Imitators Among The Competition?

In the course of the renaming, the security platform was also renewed. Up until now it was often necessary to turn off the antivirus in order to mine efficiently. The risk of being infected with malware was very high. This is no longer necessary. For years, many coinminers had to take risks in their search for cryptocurrency by deactivating the protection in order to coinmining and allowing unchecked code on their PC that could skim off their income or even smuggle in malware.

This is allowed to test this according to the name of the platform 360 selected test users. The roll out for all 13 million users could follow shortly.

-Further cryptocurrencies are to follow the Ethereum mining

-The new tool currently enables safe mining of Ethereum. This does not yet cover the mining of other cryptocurrencies. There is also great interest in mining for other cryptocurrencies. The people in charge of Norton 360 are also aware of this.

Malicious Software From Mining

Many users become victims of attacks. Here, the computing power of third-party PC is used to mine cryptocurrencies. This often goes unnoticed. The mining of many cryptocurrencies works according to a proof of work system. Here the PC solves complicated tasks and thus secures a transaction on the blockchain. In addition to the malware danger in mining, mining also becomes a danger if a miner controls more than 50% of the mining pool.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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