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Hoskinson dreams of billion Cardano users

Updated: Mar 28

Hoskinson dreams of billion Cardano users

Hoskinson reacts in a statement to criticism with big projects for the future. If Hoskinson has his way, Cardano should reach a billion people in the future.

Stacking low is not exactly one of Hoskinson's virtues. Again and again, the Cardano founder surprises with daring predictions about his heart plans and often rumbles in the way of Ethereum. However, the fact that Hoskinson never tires of portraying Cardano, although the system is still not smart contract-capable, falls on his feet again and again. A few days ago, entrepreneur Cuban joined the critics. He criticized Cardano's lack of added value on social media - a great opportunity for the founder.

Claim and Reality

Hoskinson has already found a key market. IOHK, the company behind Cardano, entered into a cooperation with the government a few weeks ago, in which the identity solution, which is based on Cardano, is used for around five million students at 3,500 schools in Africa. Cardano is thus becoming an important interface for school networks, through which performance can be tracked.

It is with utterances like a industry in order to develop to over 20 million persons or a process with a thousand million men and women that Hoskinson is steadily running out of his powder of develop praise. At Cardano there's nonetheless a hole between claim and fact. As a substitute of pointing to the small successes, such as the smart contract upgrade that's really coming near, Hoskinson makes a speciality of the colossal photo that entrepreneurs may not continuously find within the present lack of use instances.

The Cardano has also made significant progress recently with regard to its decentralization. The Cardano networks were solely responsible for the production of blocks. This influence was gradually reduced. Since March 31 of this year, 100 % of Cardano blocks have been created by a decentralized system of stake pools.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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