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Flexa breaks new all-time record

Updated: Mar 28

Flexa breaks new all-time record

Despite the recent market dip, 2021 has been a comparatively successful year for most cryptocurrencies - this is especially true for the successor to Flexacoin.

Cost losses within the percentage variety form the 30-day rates of most prime 50 cash. Amp can also be one of the most cryptocurrencies which are presently efficiently defying the bears. In Junethe Flexa cost token hit a brand new all-time excessive. At the time of writing, the amp rate has already corrected to 0.068 - but the weekly plus of 0.067 is quite spectacular. This also applies to the share cost development in the present year. Amp traded at lower than a cent in January.

What Is Behind The Current Top Coin?

Flexa is a in basic terms cost network that targets to make the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of cost palatable to merchants. Unlike other crypto point of sale solutions, Flexa manages absolutely with out its own hardware. Rather, shops can quite simply integrate Flexa into their present repayments. That is finished with the Spedn application, a key pillar in the procedure.

Freedom Of Choice For Dealers

When purchasing a product, the application generates a code. The merchants scan the code to authorize the transaction immediately. The merchants receive the amount from Flexa in crypto. This is remarkable insofar as many crypto systems convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money by default, so that only the latter arrives at the retailers. According to the website, Flexa is now offered as a payment in over 40,000 shops.

Flexa supports four stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and Chainlink.

For this, Amp relies on so-called security partitions. These are subsets of amp tokens that are stored as security for certain apps. Holders have the chance to stake their tokens in one of these partitions. The most important app for Amp so far is the Flexa. However, the token can also be used in other Apps and is also enjoying growing trend in the staking pools of the DeFi world.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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