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Binance has Tesla shares in token forms

Updated: Mar 28

Binance has Tesla shares in token forms

The Binance platform now has Tesla shares in the form of a token. Investors can also purchase the paper proportionally in this way. A security account is in the background, promises Binance.

The crypto trading Binance is now offering shares in Tesla. Tokens are crypto representations of underlying values ​​- in this case, it is Tesla stock. The cryptos point out one advantage: Smaller shares can also be acquired with a token. A denomination of up to a hundredth of the share, which is currently around 550 dollars, is possible.

Binance Promises That The Tesla Token Is Covered By A Security Account In The Background

With tokens, investors acquire a right to the profits from the underlying stocks, including possible dividends. The tokens are traded at Binance, a crypto currency linked to the US dollar.

The operators of the platform promise that they want to react to demand and bring more stock exchange tokens in the future. Anyone interested in an investment must go through an identification at Binance. There should be no commission when purchasing the token.

However, the offer does not apply to investors from China and some other countries, Binance restricts. The large market of US investors should also be excluded.

To appeal to small investors, the Tesla share tokens are offered on Binance at a trade size of one hundredth of a share. Binance says they want more share tokens in the future. According to specialists, holders of share tokens qualify for capital gains from the underlying equity, including potential dividends and stock splits - just as you would as an owner of shares. Trading in the share tokens is also limited to trading hours. The fact that typical stock markets and the crypto platform are growing ever closer together can be seen everywhere - the neo brokers are also active in both areas.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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