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Valkyrie Has Expanded The Customer Base For Its Bitcoin Trust

Updated: Mar 28

Valkyrie Has Expanded The Customer Base For Its Bitcoin Trust

The fund company Valkyrie Assets has expanded the customer base for its Bitcoin trust. Accredited investors can now also invest in the cryptocurrency.

The Valkyrie Investor Pool Has Expanded

As Coindesk reports, accredited investors who are not Valkyrie customers can also invest in the fund. Since then, CIO McClurg has observed growing interest from the side. In addition, there is also an increased willingness to invest on the part of small business owners such as dentists who want to put excess cash into liquid assets in order to get returns.

Valkyrie Launches Polkadot Fund

Valkyrie also attracted media attention this Friday when the fund company launched its first Polkadot fund. In doing so, the financial provider is following the example of other Funds, which shortly before brought a similar product onto the market. At 2 %, however, the management fees are slightly below those of the competition. However, Osprey manages a little more with 10.6 million than Valkyrie with 10million.

All Eyes On ETF

Most investors, however, should be more interested in how Valkyrie's ETF app is doing. At the end of January, the fund company had submitted an application for a financial product and was thus among a large group of aspirants who had similar requests to the tax authorities. No decision has yet been made for Valkyrie. However, the developments can be used as an indicator in the Bitcoin ETF case. In the worst case scenario, VanEck may not receive a definitive answer until mid-November.

It is unclear whether the review deadline for the Valkyrie app will also be postponed. In view of the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in other countries, the US stock exchange regulator is coming under increasing pressure. The tax authorities will probably not get around a permit. However, the SEC shouldn't take much more time for the examination.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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