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Vaccination certificate saved on the blockchain

Updated: Mar 28

Vaccination certificate saved on the blockchain

The confusion about pandemic rules is greater than ever before. In New York you are a long way further with a vaccination certificate.

In the US state of New York, blockchain is being used to mobilize against the pandemic. New York Governor announced the introduction of the Excelsior Pass in the previous weeks. It's a blockchain-backed COVID-19 pass. Citizens across the state will be able to use it.

Not just in New York; The introduction of a vaccination pass is being considered all over the world. In Europe in particular, there were and are heated debates. A very important point is the question of whether vaccinated people should be given special rights in any way if it can be proven that they no longer pose a risk. Additionally it is now not only in Europe that men and women are desperately watching for a approach to show a bad test. Nevertheless, this will have to fine be finished with out the responsibility to constantly raise a lot of bureaucracy with you. However no longer handiest useful factors, additionally safeguard considerations have blocked a easy answer thus far.

Blockchain Prevents Central Collection

However, according to New York Governor, the Excelsior Pass is the answer to many of these concerns. It is based on IBM's blockchain-based health passport. In plain language, this means that neither IBM nor any other institution will have an information with sensitive health.

The EU Is Still Waiting

The guidelines correspond to the rules of a Europe-wide vaccination pass, as decided by the Council in January for medical purposes. The Commission followed suit and asked Member States, when developing vaccination records, to have a uniform recognition to facilitate free movement within the EU.

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