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imToken Has Announced The Completion Of A 30 Million Dollar Investment

Updated: Mar 28

imToken Has Announced The Completion Of A 30 Million Dollar Investment

Blockchain company imToken has announced the completion of a 30 million dollar B investment. imToken, the largest crypto wallet developer, announced this week that it has closed a 30 million B funding round, led by partners.

It Is Great To See The imToken Progress

"We have had an eye on imToken since the beginning of our involvement in the crypto space and have been impressed with what they have achieved so far," said Yihong. "We look forward to helping them put the same focus on a wide range that go beyond their core wallet offerings. "Currently, the company's wallet for ether, bitcoin and other crypto currencies has a user base of 12 million. This is spread over more than 150, with most of them coming from China. ImToken allegedly holds over 50 billion worth of assets.

The funding will help the company open offices in other places and grow the team from 80 to 100. iMToken announced that it will use some of the funds from the latest investment round to accelerate its imToken 3.0 by adding new features. These features aim to improve the interaction with blockchains and include keyless accounts as well as account recovery.

The provider will also provide secure and access to a range of financial offers in the same next iteration round. The company aims to lower the barrier to entry for new users by developing a reliable network of products. imToken is also keen to develop a branch of research called imToken, which is focused on researching advanced blockchain.

The wallet developer has made strides since its inception, even establishing imToken ventures two years ago to invest in companies involved in the wallet space. The company is also working on a exchange called Tokenlon. This made a contribution to closing the trading of over 10 billion dollars.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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