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Football clubs earn from the cryptocurrencies

Football clubs earn from the cryptocurrencies

The value of the crypto currencies has more than tenfold within one year. Now FC Barcelona has its own crypto currencies. Fans should have more say right.

One year ago, the stock exchanges slipped worldwide, the courses dropped dramatically in view of the pandemic. Since then, the economy has recovered remarkably. But all this is not a comparison to the Bitcoin, the biggest crypto currency: that was spectacularly crashed to under 4,000 last year, but has since taken a performance on almost 60,000.

The Trend About Crypto Currencies Is Up To Date Again

More and more football clubs discover the crypto currencies for themselves and bring so-called fan tokens to the exchanges. Fans can buy the tokens and act. A highly volatile investment. At the same time, the participating clubs promise the holders of their fan tokens but also to see more rights in the club.

It is clear: the crypto stocks and clubs earn well in the business. FC Barcelona took more than a million US dollars with the sale of his fan tokens within an hour. The world's largest crypto exchange brings new customers to the deal, they also deserve at a fee due per purchase of a token.

Football clubs earn from the cryptocurrencies
Football clubs earn from the cryptocurrencies

The principle of crypto currencies is based on a blockchain. The blockchain is checked by all holders and not from a broker like a bank that otherwise checks for a transaction. Anyone who has acquired a fan token of Barcelona or As Rome becomes part of a chain that can then vote. Supposedly, some clubs want to vote on how the jersey design should look like or what name is to receive the new training grounds.

Acceptance Rises By Football

For fans, that can be quite interesting in times of the pandemic, where they cannot show their attitude or on decisions in the stadium or on meetings. The fan tokens would have conquered a firm place in the crypto world. These have the potential to drive the mainstream acceptance of crypto currencies around the world.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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