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Ethereum price climbs to new record

Updated: Mar 28

Ethereum price climbs to new record

The Ethereum update is apparently casting its shadow. The course of the second largest cryptocurrency reached a new record high on Friday at just under 2,100.

The Ethereum update which is controversial, is due to go live in July. This should reduce transaction costs and increase the speed of ether transactions. This is good news for the Ethereum and users of the cryptocurrency Ether. The start of the PayPal offer for paying by cryptocurrency is also leaving its mark. In a crypto market that is on the upswing, Ethereum rose to a new all-time high on Friday.

Clearing The Way For New Heights?

It has now risen to 2,087 - for many observers this is a sign that the way is now paved for further growth. After an interim high to around $ 2,000 in February, the Ethereum price had slumped to as much as $ 1,500 in early spring. In the coming weeks, the target could now be the levels of 2,500 dollars, it is said.

In addition to Ethereum, the largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, has also grown strongly again. On Friday evening, the Bitcoin exchange rate was back at just under $ 60,000. For comparison: A week ago Bitcoin was trading at $ 55,000 - apparently a sign for many investors to buy again.

The upcoming Ethereum update, which could have a negative impact on cryptocurrency miners in particular, should meanwhile please gamers. The new graphics cards, which are used as mining hardware instead of in PC, are said to be no longer worthwhile.

Graphics Card Prices Are Falling

The first miners have therefore allegedly thrown some of their expensive cards on the market at below price. In, however, prices could go down significantly again. Conversely, this would also ensure that the so-called scalpers, who previously hawked the rare high-end of the current generation overpriced, would go away empty-handed in future.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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