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The game retailer GameStop is developing a NFT token

Updated: Mar 28

The game retailer GameStop is developing a NFT token

The video retailer GameStop is building its own NFT. However, not much is known about the project so far.

GameStop hit the headlines a few months ago when the Reddit Wall street bets hacked the market and bet against the short sale of GME shares by hedge funds. As a result, the GameStop share experienced a massive pump: small investors raked in huge profits, while the funds posted losses in the billions. In the meantime, the storm has subsided and the video retailer has reoriented on the crypto money.

Anyone Who Feels Addressed Can Join The Team

The job offer only gives an idea of ​​what stage the development is at. A link to the smart contract code on the site provides a little more detail. According to Etherscan, the project is likely to be based on Ethereum's token. A dedicated GME is also displayed. When the platform will be launched and what chances it offers is still open at this point in time. An official announcement has not yet been made.

However, the announcement is not surprising. Already this month, a tender attracted attention in which GameStop was looking for an IT with knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT. GameStop gained notoriety a few months ago when retail investors drove up its share price on Reddit and other platforms. This resulted in some brokerage like suspending selling the stock.

NFT As A Course Driver

Gamestop is advancing plans for a NFT. For this purpose, a specially committed team is to build an Ethereum-based token. The company has already created a site. Gamestop is looking for more PC scientists, designers, gamers, influencers to join its NFT team. This makes Gamestop another company that joins the NFT platform and wants to bring out a product for this. Up to now, NFTs were mainly known in the field of digital art and conquered the market in no time at all.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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