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The easiest blockchain in the world

Updated: Mar 28

The easiest blockchain in the world

The blockchain is now finding its means into increasingly areas of existence. Despite the fact that quite a lot of researchers commenced fascinated with this as early as the 1990s, many nonetheless associate the technological know-how with a shining mild in crypto house. There are as many myths about the development of the works Bitcoin, as there are about the inventor himself. Over the years, a whole new crypto money with countless different crypto currencies sprouted from this idea, all with - sometimes more, sometimes less different - solution approaches to problems that digitization brings with it.

New Technologies Also Mean New Challenges

Issues like protection, network congestion, transaction costs, easy of use all play a role that can limit development. That is what the Mina Protocol wants to change. The easiest blockchain in the world wants to create a privacy-friendly gateway between the real and the crypto world. The benefits of blockchain technology are undisputed. Nevertheless, more and more states are facing the challenge of how decentralization can be reconciled with the necessary regulations.

Despite the size, every user should be able to establish peer-to-peer connections and quickly verify the network. The user becomes a node and has an influence on the blockchain. In addition, the proof-of-stake offers programmable payments and above all privacy, all in compliance with the security of cryptography.

Mina Protocol Relies On Zero-Knowledge Proofs

The fact that the protocol enables these functions despite its size is due to the use of so-called zero knowledge proofs. These are implementations that are intended to help implement protection-compliant, decentralized identity on a blockchain. To do this, it compares confidential data without the communication partners having to disclose their information to each other. In the long term, experts see it as a means to increase the acceptance of companies towards the technology.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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