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Helium blockchain network for IoT devices

Updated: Mar 28

Helium blockchain network for IoT devices

Helium is currently building the world's first wireless peer-to-peer system for the IoT. What does that mean and how can you benefit from it as an investor?

Everyone is talking about the IoT and more and more networks are communicating with each other around the world. Be it the garbage can that asks for emptying that provides information on the way if the battery is still working: Everything should be networked, anywhere, anytime and that as inexpensive as possible, of course.

How Does The Helium Network Work?

Helium uses the existing online world and builds a decentralized system for IoT devices on it. Everyone has the opportunity to join this network. Users can easily set up a Helium router in their own flat and make the internet available for other IoT devices. Verified IoT devices can then access the networks or data that is of interest to certain groups can be tracked.

The entire system behind it is very open, as everyone can participate in this network. Both end users and companies can buy HNT hotspots and manage them independently. In addition, with the help of blockchain technology and a new consensus called proof of coverage, it should be guaranteed that both the information of providers and users are secure.

How To Earn HNT Tokens

The helium rewards all those who provide connection for IoT devices with a so called helium hotspot tokens. These hotspots are physical devices that are required for mining information on the HNT system. But why is the HNT token valuable at all?

The HNT token is required to carry out transactions in the helium system. In addition, companies that want to use the data from hotspots must buy HNT and then destroy it. This reduces the overall offer of all HNTs and in return the companies receive data credits. They can use these to pay for access to data.

The contents of this article are for informational purposes only and are not investment advice.

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