• Emre Ata

Matic Network in the USA

Updated: Mar 6

Matic Network in the USA,

Matic Network is a side chain based extension solution for blockchain. Based on plasma technology, Matic offers for side chains scalability while ensuring the user experience as well as the security of the blockchain. Based on the purpose of token usage, we see that the need to buy Matic increases as the number of projects increases. This demand is increasing as Matic Network is widespread and more and more apps are integrating their solutions. Matic comes with a user environment that companies can use to pay in cryptocurrency or accept this currency as a payment method. The Matic network aims to solve the blockchain scaling problem by building a platform using an adapted version of the framework, thus providing a solution for faster and extremely affordable transactions to be provided. The Matic Network believes in simplifying the interaction between users and the decentralized world. You want to make decentralized systems so easy to use that anyone can do it without knowing the complex technologies that power their actions. Several projects are already working on integrating applications with Matic. These include a gaming platform and a marketplace for assets. The popular project is one of the partners from the world of cryptocurrencies. The first test network started two years ago. An advanced preliminary version of the mainnet should already be completed internally. A user-friendly wallet is expected to be released in the near future.

From technical analysis, the break in the blue zone was particularly important for Matic Network. This removed an important resistance from the market, which gave the bulls free rein. Currently, the course is showing the first signs of fatigue and from our point of view, caution is advised. Major resistance is at the recent high.

At the same time, Matic has since found itself in the harsh reality in which cryptocurrencies compete for investors, user acceptance, and public attention. Under the motto secure, and transactions, Matic is in the bottom quarter of the most important cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on cryptocurrency USA & Binance. The course of Matic does know outliers but was characterized by a steady upward trend last year.